Lori Jerman

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #24483

I have extensive experience providing coping skills training to a variety of client populations, including Employee Assistance, Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling. I am a certified trauma specialist and have experience working in the neuropsychology unit for brain damaged individuals. I have experience with solution based therapy as well as more in-depth long- term treatment. I feel comfortable using the style that best fits the clients' needs and wants. Maintaining a healthy and positive state of mind is very important for all of us; therefore, I believe that we all have the potential to achieve being mentally and physically healthy. I create a supportive, confidential environment where my clients feel safe to explore their thoughts and feelings at their own pace. With respect and appreciation for your unique life story, I work with you to gain a better understanding of yourself, heal from past wounds, and improve important relationships. Together, we make sense of and work through whatever challenges stand in the way of your happiness. My services are also offered in Spanish.

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