Linh Griffith

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #6004

Now more than ever, giving careful attention to your mental health is just as important as physical health. You don't have to do it alone. It's my aim to create a safe, honest, judgement- free environment for you to grow and develop. With more than a decade of proven experience in the mental health field, I have worked with a diverse group of clients that span age-range, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, race, and religion. Depression, anxiety, substance use, and psychosis represent my areas of practice, with a specialty in grief and loss counseling. As a Bilingual Vietnamese American, I am familiar with the ways in which generational trauma, cultural expectations, and gender expectations can affect emotional development, mental health, and relationships with others. I aim to provide a safe space for individuals to explore and work through these and all challenges. I provide therapy that is tailored to meet individual needs such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to challenge thoughts and behaviors; Person-Centered Therapy to cultivate a space that is dedicated to personal needs; and Solutions Focused Therapy designed to help individuals take active steps in accomplishing personal goals from their therapeutic sessions. Every individual is unique and therapy is never a one size fits all. I look forward to joining you in the evolution of your mental health journey.

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