Hannah Schmidt

Hannah Schmidt

Hannah Schmidt
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #13071

The world can be a complicated, confusing, and really overwhelming place, and we all develop our own ways of coping. Sometimes we reach a point where we realize some of our strategies need to change. I believe in the importance of selecting and tailoring therapeutic interventions to suit the unique needs of each and every individual. I frequently incorporate elements of relational therapy, existential therapy, and feminist therapy, among other therapeutic approaches. My specialization areas include anxiety, depression, trauma, intimate partner violence, sexual assault, LGBTQIA+ issues, life transitions, and all forms of abuse.

I invite individuals of all backgrounds to explore their multiple, intersecting identities in order to facilitate personal growth and healing. I believe that each person is their own expert - that they know themselves, their lives, and needs better than anyone else. In turn, I view therapy as a collaborative process. I believe that therapy provides a unique opportunity to cultivate the experiences of connection and community that are integral to living and growing, and strive to do so through the creation of a space that is non-judgmental, destigmatizing, and collaborative.

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