Dr. Tania Hormozi


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #100354

I work with couples, individuals, and families who struggle with Anxiety, Substance Use, and life stressors want to understand how to live their day-to-day life accepting their mental health and cope. I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Psy.D. in Couples' and Family Therapy. I have experience working with adults 18 and older, with acute mental health issues. I am also very passionate about working with immigrant and refugee populations who are learning to adapt to the cultural differences, lifestyles, language, and overall wellbeing in a new environment, and individuals who have experienced trauma. In addition to English, I also speak Farsi fluently. 

Therapy is a relationship that needs to be cherished between the therapist and the client. It is a vulnerable space that needs to be safe, comfortable, and motivating for the client to be able to share their inner, personal stories, and ways to overcome obstacles, struggles, and stressors. I provide Solution-Focused Therapy, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies, and client-centered therapies to allow clients to express themselves and identify solutions to problems using their own strengths and skills. My motto is to Think, Act, and Motivate. I welcome an opportunity to meet you and develop your motto and identify ways to live your day-to-day life, accept your mental health, and cope with daily stressors. I believe that everyone has the potential to grow, learn about themselves, and change their perspective in life if they want to and are able to put the work in. I look forward to working with you.

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