Dr. Tania Hormozi


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #100354

Most of my clinical experience included working with individuals with anxiety, substance use, and life stressors, and I continue to work with individuals experiencing these and many other problematic areas. In recent years, I have also started strengthening my skills in couples/marriage counseling. I help people in relationships understand different perspectives and provide tools for better communication, increasing intimacy and quality time, as well as overall healthier relationships. I have written two books using a relatable analogy to help each partner understand one another while adding additional resources to the therapeutic relationship. Therapy is a relationship that needs to be cherished between a client and the clinician. It is a vulnerable space that needs to be safe, comfortable, and motivating for the client to share inner, personal stories, struggles, and stressors while gaining direct feedback, guidance, and perspective. I provide a Solution-Focused framework utilizing Cognitive Behavioral therapy homework, and client-centered techniques to give the client(s) a variety of perspectives, tools, and strategies. I welcome the opportunity to meet you, provide you perspective and tools for the many different problematic areas in your life. 

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