Angelita Cortez

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor #6037

Therapy is like planting a seed. Through regular maintenance, sprinkling some compassion, patience and kindness, one can begin to learn, grow and flourish. Mental strength is one of the single most important factors towards overcoming adversity. The best investment is on your mind, it determines how far you allow yourself to go in life. Together we will care for this strength and empower you to enhance your independence and self-efficacy. As a professional counselor and art therapist, I found this career path through my own recovery, which led me to my life purpose. I followed the calling to help others living with mental illness reach their maximum potential. Using my own lived and professional experiences allow to me to help others build their resilience and access their inner strengths. My background ranges from supporting individuals with chronic severe mental illness, anxiety based disorders, depression, trauma and everyday life struggles. The skills I apply include evidence-based practices such as: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), DBT, (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Mindfulness and Expressive therapies. The therapeutic alliance is sacred and is why I take my work very seriously. I understand how difficult it can be to be vulnerable and ask for help in order to address underlying barriers. I encourage individuals to confront the hard stuff in order to build self-confidence. Whether the struggle is with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief/loss or the various adjustments life presents, I am here for you. What you can expect is a joint effort, involving honoring your process and challenging you to reach your individual goals. I provide a customized and collaborative treatment plan, which may include art and other expressive therapies. I can assist you in accessing self-expression as trauma can often disrupt this process. I realize change can be scary and is why some of the interventions used will help foster positive change in order to create/re-claim your story. I work from a client-centered approach, meaning you are in control of the process while I guide and advocate along the way. If you are unsure if therapy is worth it, I encourage you to consider the investment you will be making in yourself. Know that you do not have to suffer or undergo hardships alone. You know yourself better than anyone else, and trust that I will support you so long as there is willingness to show up. I would be honored to get to know you, your story and see how I can support you in cultivating a life that includes being the best version of you!

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